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Dr. Winston Smith aka Dr. Remix hails from the UK / Trinidad and Tobago, and is the music producer and sound engineer for DeRemix Studio and JaQuzzi Records. His keyboard skills were nurtured by former piano teachers Mrs. Joseph, the late Ms. Matilda Curry and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Cynthia Lee Mack, and he is currently teaching piano lessons privately to pass on the knowledge that was bestowed upon him. He has a great ear for music and can pick out any tune on the spot and is literally a human remixer. He attended Presentation College in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, and Howard University in Washington, DC where he pursued training in Orthopedic Surgery. During his educational years, he has produced and performed instrumental music of various genres for events such as weddings and graduations both on and off campus including the famous Apollo Theatre in New York. He has performed, and provided piano entertainment for the Institute for Caribbean Studies, annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards Gala in Washington DC on numerous occasions. At one time he copped the “Most Talented Man in Presentation College” award and has produced music for the 2000 and 2005 Washington DC Carnival Calypso competition. He has shared the stage with David Rudder and other renowned vocalists in Trinidad for fund-raising events for churches and others put on by Mrs. Janet Jones, acclaimed Trinidadian author. He is the resident pianist for the Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago based in Washington D.C. He has worked alongside Duane Dyer, ace percussionist and engineer who, with Dr. Remix, started JaQuzzi Records, Inc. in 2001. Since then, the double rhythm compilation CD “Round One: Bashigyal vs Kickback” was produced as well as Norris Man’s 45 rpm vinyl single “Blessed Are Those”  and “Change of Life” which were two of the top hits on his “Better Your Soul” album. In 2004, JaQuzzi Records Dr. Remix produced the music for the workout DVD “Body by Corinne”.  In 2005, Dr. Remix started scoring movies and has worked with Sunset Films International in the production of “Onye Ara”, “Never a Bright Day”, “Take a Stand: Black American & Foreign Blacks in Conflict”, and “The Great Pretender”. His first appearance on television was in 1986 on the Hazel Ward-Redman talent show “Hazel’s Startime” in which he replaced pianist Maurice Connor to accompany his schoolmates duet performance of “Tears on my Pillow”. He was also featured on the highly acclaimed Washington DC metro area cable television talent show “Curtain Call” as a guest pianist and host, and since its inception, he has been the show’s sound engineer and resident pianist. He has created radio ads and has produced music for numerous artists of various genres and has recorded well known reggae and soca artists including Terra B, Lady Flame, Norris Man, Lexxus, Spragga Benz, and Buju Banton. In 2005, Dr. Remix, Nigel ‘Frame’ Fabien and Duane Dyer created “Time Fuh Germany”, a pep song for Trinidad and Tobago’s national soccer team, the Soca Warriors, and this venture led to a music video which was repeatedly aired on Trinidad’s Gayelle TV and has acquired thousands of views on youtube.  Its release played a huge role in the moral and public support of the team leading to their qualification for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. After working with numerous artists, he has developed a love for their musical development and has since become A&R for Crown Town Records based in Charlotte, NC.

Dr. Remix has conceptualized a version of reality video “Reality Piano” in which the process of learning songs on the keyboard is exposed to the world. This daring “risk” has contributed to the 868,000+ views on his youtube channel currently. He is the pioneer of trap music played on the piano which he calls “Trappiano” and this subgenre of newage jazz is loved by both generational extremes. His musical style is infested with a Caribbean vibe which is currently dominating the music industry today. So much so, his music was the inspiration for a subgenre of music involving a blend of new age jazz and calypso, “Eurolypso” which was coined by keyboardist extraordinaire Mr. David Boothman.  Quite an enthusiast and innovator, stay tuned for future rhythmic melodies in music from Dr. Remix.


I am most pleased with his professionalism and his productions of music that blends extremely well with my lyrics. He is a great listener."  Denva Drummond

"Thanks to Dr Remix's music production and engineering skills, I have a great sounding demo. He really analyzes a lyricist needs and delivers." Anonymous

"His talent has really provided me with gainful experience in terms of studio recordings and song creation. His music has that valuable difference required to make a difference." Lady Flame (Da Flame)

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