Norris Man's new album 'Better Your Soul' takes you into many realms. Songwriting and his creative melodicstyle are valuable tools for keeping his songs authentic and innovative. He uses his talent on all tracks to convey his faith into conscientious and inspiring songs about life, love and liberation. Norris Man demonstrates his eclectic and varied vocal styles with his collaborations with executive producer Colin McGregor of Jah Scout Records, producer Rankin Scroo of Crucial Youth Productions, hip hop artist Money B from Digital Underground, Duane Dyer and Dr Remix of JaQuzzi Records ("Blessed are Those" & "Change of Life") and producer Dia Fearon of Builder's Music. Ranging from Rastaman chanting and singing to R&B flavored love songs and hip hop grooves, 'Better Your Soul' shows there is no limit to this artist's musical exploration.
Round One

This independent label has already released two conscious reggae singles with artists Norris Man (Blessed Are Those) and Diane Adams (Come to Me). The exclusive dancehall & ragga soca compilation "Round One: Bashi Gyal vs Kick Back" (2002) is now available.

Who's in Da Booth? This JaQuzzi Records promotional street compilation features talent from New Jersey to Washington, DC.

Body By Corinne - JaQuzzi Records has produced the sound track for this aerobic instructional DVD series

JaQuzzi Records has produced the sound track for the Sunset Films Production movies "Onye Ara", "Never A Bright Day", "Take A Stand" & "The Great Pretender"